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  • Web Authoring, Forms, Tables,
  • Frames, Behaviours, Events, Time Line,
  • Templates & Libraries, Roll over events,
  • Menu field objects....etc.
  • Hyperlinks: Internal & External Linking
  • Email Linking & Anchor Linking
  • Linking (Image Hyperlinks)
  • Rollover Image, Navigation Bar with Rollovers & links
  • Using the Site Window, Set your local site
  • Import an existing site
  • Working with links in Site Maps
  • Displaying Data with Tables
  • Design a page layout using tables
  • Layout / Standard view, Building frames,framesets
  • Animating with timelines
  • Using a form to collect data, Create a library item
  • Use Behaviors and Styles in library items
  • Create a template: Apply a template to Web page
  • Use Behaviors, Styles & Timelines in Templates
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